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Best no code app builders in 2020

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We are going to list 7 of the best app builders out there in 2020 for the people who don't want to get their hands dirty with coding. If you are looking for the best app building software or app maker,there is good news that it's easier than ever to create a mobile app without any coding knowledge or experience.

Whether it's for your personal needs, your company, blog or just experimental side project, these app creation software are easy to operate and get things done fater. Let's have a look.


Every spreadsheet is an amazing app waiting to happen. Pick a Google Sheet and Glide assembles a polished, data-driven mobile app that you can share with a link and publish to app stores if you desire. If you haven't read already, here is our detailed guide aboud the Glideapp platform.


Thunkable is a native app builder for anybody and everyone who wants to build apps — from the non-developer to the highly skilled developer who wants to do do something quicker and easier.


Shoutem provides a number of strong features, allowing you to create a well- rounded, category-specific app.   


BuildFire features a fast, easy-to-use app-building tool that simplifies the app-making process. 


AppSheet gives the non-developer the power to create powerful mobile apps instantly for both OS and Android.


Bubble lets you build websites without code, visually. 


Webflow is one of the most powerful, customisable visual website builders there is. It was built to empower designers and entrepreneurs to create really powerful dynamic sites without having to learn how to code. It certainly has one of the more steeper learning curves but don't let that put you off.

If you're frustrated by the limitations of typical drag and drop website builders then this might be the very tool you are looking for. The level of design customisation is second to none and certainly geared towards users with a flair for design. Webflow provides a ton of carefully crafted how to videos to get you up to speed and they are pretty funny too! Webflow offers a very generous free tier to get you started.